About us


Our main concept is based on the crypto-currency mining and blockchain technology. Another fundamental part of our platform is the Proof-of-Stake algorithm. In earlier days, the only algorithm to achieve a consensus protocol was the „Proof-of-Work“ algorithm (PoW) where the distribution of tasks among the participants was made on a “confirmation of work.” Earnings from the PoW algorithm are directly proportional to the power of mining equipment. However, the rapid expansion of the network and the increasing complexity of cryptocurrency production in this protocol revealed several serious problems: a lack of scalability of the network, ever-increasing costs of equipment and maintenance of mining farms as well as low efficiency.

In 2011, a new protocol was created to minimize equipment and energy expenses. The Proof-of-Stake algorithm differs fundamentally from the PoW protocol because the allocation of tasks is based on the share of ownership of the asset. Thus, it is possible to obtain the same result as when using the PoW algorithm with less computing power.

The mining concept using the Proof-of-Stake protocol triggered the development of several related ideas and subsequently, the creation of AVISCOIN in 2016. Today it is no longer just a company with experience, AVISCOIN is a decentralized multi-purpose cryptographic next-generation platform.

Modified algorithm of reaching Proof-of-Stake consensus

PoS-modified algorithm and specially designed software allows you to combine multiple nodes into a single decentralized network.

PoS-mining has the following advantages:

  • - No need to buy special equipment;

  • - minimization of energy costs;

  • - high-speed transaction processing and low commissions.

These properties, combined with the simplicity of the process, contribute to the global integration of Blockchain and crypto-currency transactions in all spheres of life.


Decentralized control of information can provide a high degree of data security. The AvisCoin team has been developing technologies to make Blockchain convenient and affordable for everyone. Such developments are in high demand in all aspects of modern life. The multipurpose cryptographic platform AvisCoin implements these technologies and provides the ease of use.

Within the AvisCoin project, the strategy of multi-level marketing is employed. This is the most effective way of development, which will provide high decentralization, scalability and network security, and will bring additional revenue to active partners.

Company development strategy
The strategic goal of "AVISCOIN" is to develop it as a leader amongst global financial industry companies, which use blockchain technology through diversification of markets, ensuring reliability of transactions and contracts, increasing the efficiency of operations and using scientific and technical potential.
> 50 000
> 100 000
> 200 000
> 300 000
> 500 000
The strategic goal of "Aviscoin" is to become a major international player of German origin and to actively participate in the regions development, holding a diversified portfolio of assets and having a high level of social and economic responsibility.