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What is AvisCoin?

AvisCoin is a multipurpose decentralized cryptographic platform. For the distribution of tasks in the network it uses a modified algorithm in order to achieve Proof-of-Stake consensus. This technology allows us to achieve high efficiency with low technical specification parameters and use , personal computers (PCs) with installed AvisCoin software as computing nodes. Our own cryptocurrency AvisCoin allows you to make instant anonymous transactions, and the value of AvisCoin is confirmed by the ownership share. This approach provides a promising and competitive cryptocurrency.
According to the concept of PoS mining, the revenue is earned prroportionally to the ownership share percentage of AvisCoin and complies with chosen package.

What is it for?

The increasing popularity and demand for blockchain technology provides the integration of the global distributional registry in all spheres, not only economy but also in social life. Decentralized data storage greatly accelerates many processes that previously took several days, even months. For example, it is now possible to get some information being at home and be 100% sure of its authenticity. After all the data is stored on millions of sites and protected from any changes in it or even fraud.
The Confirmation of transactions in blochchain network is very quick, making cryptocurrency transfer fast, safe and limitless. As seen in the last decade, humanity is on the verge of decentralized future that will protect personal information and property rights of users more effectively than it can be made by any state regulator.
The company’s specialists have developed a platform that allows you to combine the resources of personal computers around the world within a broad decentralized network.

What are the benefits?

The undeniable advantage of the distributed AvisCoin platform is to use of the PoS algorithm in order to achieve consensus. AvisCoin software provides global connectivity and the ability of effective mining even on home PCs with average specifications. Unlike the default methods of mining, it eliminates the costly part for technical equipment and service.
Thus, the earnings on the PoS-mining are possible in any place with an Internet connection and a launched mining program.
Confirming ownership share by purchasing one of the Aviscoin packages and running the software, each participant starts to receive revenue according to the profitability of the package. The possibility of obtaining additional income is provided by our private cryptocurrency AvisCoin, the inner currency for AvisCoin platform.
AvisCoin, earned in the process of mining may be exchanged at the current rate or accumulated with the goal of converting them at the time of higher stock price. Moreover, AvisCoin can be used as an investment and a speculative instrument.
The referral program aims to expand the network of new computing nodes and uses the proven principles of network marketing. Active assistance in the maintenance of decentralization is rewarded with referral bonuses, higher interest and increase in the profitability of their own packages.

What are the opportunities?

Innovative developments of AvisCoin specialists allow any user to join the mining process on their own PC. According to statistics, the payload on the computer processor power for the average user is significantly below its potential.
The work of the miner program does not interfere with other programs and does not cause any system conflicts. With an optimized distribution of computational tasks within the network, there is no excessive workload on the host processor. This means that the AvisCoin software cannot become an obstacle for other user tasks.
As long as you are engaged in daily routine , your computer is connected to the network and earns profit for completing the tasks.

What is our goal?

For safe handling and storing of the hashed information in blockchain registry, the decentralized network is required. Multiple computing nodes combined together are able to not only meet these needs, but also provide a safe storage.
The AvisCoin company’s goal is the construction of an independent decentralized network and providing each participant with the opportunity to earn money on any compatible PC by joining the global cryptographic platform.

How to get involved?

To become a member of AvisCoin network one has to register on the website to confirm its ownership by creating a deposit in AvisCoin cryptocurrency, based on the convenient package, and then install the AvisCoin software on your PC. The launched program automatically connects to the created node to the global network. There is a constant profit for the accomplished work in accordance with the selected package.

How do I earn revenue?

For getting income you must purchase one of the proposed AvisCoin packages, thus confirming the ownership share, and then download and install the AvisCoin software. The software must be runningaccording to the rate specified in the number of hours per day. The Internet connection is required in order for the program to run properly. Under these conditions, the participants get systematic earnings in automatic mode.
In addition to income from operating program, AvisCoin marketing strategy provides additional income for referral assistance in AvisCoin platform expansion.

Career conditions

Each participant upon registration is assigned a unique code and an invitational referral link. Participants have the right to use this data for the connection of new nodes, thus supporting the development of a decentralized platform.
To determine the referral participant status, the personal price equivalent of ownership share, and price equivalents of ownership shares of new nodes of all connected partners are taken into account.
Condition for obtaining the next status is a confirmation of ownership by the amounts that are mentioned on the right side.

Level%The amount of share ownership
Level 620%20 000 000 AVC
Level 518%10 000 000 AVC
Level 416%4 200 000 AVC
Level 313%1 800 000 AVC
Level 210%300 000 AVC
Level 1--

Referral earnings occur only when there is an active deposit in AvisCoin.

Referral program

AvisCoin company offers a wide range of license packages for a period of 360 days, created with various operating times and different pricing. Each participant determines a package with convenient running schedule, starting from 3 hours a day to a non-stop 24 hour connection to AvisCoin platform.
The standard profitability of the acquired package from the first day is 50% per year. Thus, the acquisition of a package of 30 000 AVC would generate revenue of 45,000 AVC per year or 3750 AVC per month.
With the expiration of the package, you can switch to a different package or extend the exesting one.
As an additional earning, Avis company offers a utilisation of the referral program and participation in the creation of new computing nodes, thereby significantly increasing your own income.

The operating principle of the referral program:

The work of each license is divided into cycles of 30 days.The license for 30 days package runs on standard profitability conditions since the activation time, with 50% per year.
Creating a new connection with your referral link is rewarded with a one-time bonus of 10% of the cost of the package of each new member, moreover you get the constant referral earnings from the invited members in accordance with the referral status.
In addition, the invitation of the new member in a 30-day period with equal or greater package than yours, increases the profitability of your own package. The condition of increased profitability starts from day 31 of your license and will last for 30 days. During this period, earnings will be 260% per year.
In an example package worth 30,000 AVC, monthly earnings will be 6500 AVC instead of the standard 3750 AVC.
By the end of the 30-day period your earnings return to the standard level, and will be 50% per year.
When the referral program conditions are accompished successfully, the profitability is maintained at 260% per year during the next 30-day cycle.
The referral earnings exist even under standard profitability. The amount of refferral earnings depend on the profitability of the invited participant’s package, as well as his ability of expanding the network.
If you are an active partner of AvisCoin company - your profits are unlimited.
Each participant of the system is interested in attracting new partners (referrals) in order to develop a network and maximising own profit.

Invitation of new members

Creation of new network nodes occurs in the form of registration of new partners and making a deposit in AvisCoin on the basis of one of the packages. Connect new partners through a unique referral link and get rewards according to the earnings of the new members.
Spreading the information about AvisCoin 2.0 platform will help to find more interested partners.

Company products

The main product of the company is a unique mining application, which is able to combine the individual computing nodes into a single decentralized network and use the resources for the needs of blockchain.

AvisCoin platform will soon include own multicurrency crypto exchange market AvisCoin EXCHANGE. At the moment the company is at the final stage of crypto-market development. Besides AvisCoin, stock exchange listing will contain such crypto-currencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero etc., and over time, this list will only expand.
Running AvisCoin EXCHANGE will allow participants to get profit not only from the PoS mining, but also as a result of crypto-currency trade operations.

The development of AvisCoin WALLET implements all the functionality for sending, storing and receiving cryptocurrency. For the most comfortable use, the electronic purse will be presented in several versions: a mobile client, a desktop client and a Web-based application.
For the wallet safety it will be possible to encrypt the password, and the installation of a special PIN for an additional level of functionality will be implemented. Moreover, there will be an option to restore the access with the SEED-phrase.

Can my account be hacked?

Today there is a very high risk of stealing logins and passwords with spyware, as well as with the help of botnets and various viruses that transmit information from your browser. Through the process of two-factor authentication (2FA) AvisCoin system takes care of user rooms not been hacked.

Two-factor Authentification

For an increased security, we use a two-step system of authorization (2FA). Activate this feature, you can in the account settings.
At each login-enabled 2FA one need to enter one-time password which is generated in the application.
This approach eliminates the possibility of further access of third parties to the account, even if the third party knows the username and password.


Anyone who has attained 18 years of age can sign up to AVISCOIN.

Conclusion of agreement

Each registered partner can conclude the agreement.

Termination of agreement

You have the right to terminate the agreement with the company and request the erase of data at any time. To do this, you need to contact the company with a letter notifying them that you do not want to work with our company anymore and want to delete all the data from our site.
Note: Upon termination of the agreement, there is non-refundable deposit which is not paid for the period of the package.

Personal data change

Change of personal data available in the section “personal data” in the user’s cabinet. According to the security policy of AvisCoin platform, changing such data as login is only available on request via the ticket system.

Creating deposit

One can create a deposit according to the selected package in a private office. Payment is made in the AVC cryptocurrency by debiting funds from the AvisCoin Wallet balance.


In September, 2018, an internal trading platform based on the Dealing Desk will be available on the Company’s website. Each participant will be able to freely sell, buy and convert AvisCoin to another crypto-currency. The complete confidentiality and security of transactions is guaranteed.

Still have questions?

In order to solve problems and get answers you can fill in the feedback form in your account.

Still have questions?
For issues solving you can fill in a feedback form in your account.