About the product

AvisCoin is a multi-purpose cryptographic decentralized blockchain platform using a modified algorithm to achieve Proof-of-Stake consensus. AvisCoin decentralized network combines the basic blockchain concept and provides high energy efficiency, security, and scalability of the network.

The AvisCoin platform implements the idea of the decentralized network by combining many different independent nodes. The PoS mining process with AvisCoin has become simple and affordable. This allows you to reach a consensus without the use of sophisticated computing devices and without any extra cost for equipment and specific skills in the field of blockchain technologies.

AvisCoin platform possibilities

Our platform has broad applications: handling and storage of data blocks in a secure manner, creating smart-contracts, making your own token on the platform for crowdfunding purposes and anonymous transactions; all these possibilities increase the demand of the AvisCoin platform in the competitive environment of the cryptocurrency market.


User of Blockchain network makes an application for processing the transaction.

The transaction enters into a global decentralized Aviscoin network.

Network processes and confirms the transaction, as well as the status of the user.

Block containing transaction information, enters the Blockchain and occupies a unique, unalterable position.

The newly created block is combined with other network units, forming a continuous circuit distributed registry.

The decentralized multipurpose AvisCoin cryptographic platform forms a network of equal nodes, where the distribution of tasks occurs based on the PoS protocol. The use of this particular algorithm provides high scalability and throughput, as well as protection from the infamous “51% of attack.”

Own crypto-currency AvisCoin (AVC)

Our own cryptocurrency allows secure instant anonymous transactions. AvisCoin (AVC) is a promising investment and speculative instrument. The main idea of the company is the integration of technology and Blockchain cryptocurrency transactions in all spheres of life, so the AVC mining appears to the user as the accumulation of funds in the special “electronic purse” (wallet).

Smart-contracts Constructor AvisCoin

Custom Smart Contracts are a modern approach to the conclusion of transactions between two entities according to financial laws. This eliminates the need to hire a programmer to implement a custom Smart Contract. Of course, this does not apply to complex tasks, which are not possible to solve without the help of a specialist.


The network user wants to sell a house, a car, or make other transaction

The task of AVISCOIN platform is to track the precise performance of the contract terms, to digitize and register the contract, and then carry out the transaction

Registration confirmation and transfer of ownership is carried out without leaving home

You no longer need to seek specialist for the transaction, filling in several documents and pay the middlemen

Smart-Contracts are recorded in the form of a digital code and stored in the system, and the exact details of the contract are provided by the network of computers. In other words, it is possible to quickly and reliably exchange money, shares, property and other assets without third-party services.

To become a member of the AVISCOIN network one only needs to confirm its ownership by purchasing the necessary amount of AvisCoin to acquire a package, and connect to the AvisCoin mining pool which is involved in the formation of new units, and start making profit.